A day in the life of the Fresh Diet: Day 2

Another successful day sticking to eating what was delivered from the Fresh Diet, through my Gilt City voucher. The day started off with coconut cream and walnut oatmeal to microwave up for breakfast. I did not really taste coconut much at all but there were big chunks of walnut to fill me up!


Lunch was another wrap like yesterday. It featured chicken with lettuce and cucumber. The funny thing was they really skimped on the lettuce and there was seriously ONE cucumber slice in the whole wrap, which made me laugh. Aren’t those the no-calorie items they can fill it up with to the brim with? Not so much here.  Anyways there was a creamy Caesar dressing to dunk in, which was delicious. I like dipping into sauces of all kinds so this was my kind of meal.

chicken caesar

Snack was a tiny bite of Spanakopita. It was two bites to be exact. I cut it in half to show you the yummy spinach filling inside.  They definitely focus on small portions with big flavors on this diet which is interesting. I am surprised they don’t bulk up some of the meals with more veggies or something so the person feels as if they are consuming way more but whatevs. It is fun to try something new!


Dinner was a meatless dish. A tomato stuffed with pesto cous cous (another surprise since I had pesto chicken last night!) and then barley and some cauliflower on the side. All and all I liked this and would like to recreate it someday on my own.

stuffed tomato

The problem with the meatless dinner was I was still kind of hungry. So even though they suggest waiting until closer to your bed time to nosh on the 5th meal, I dug into the mango key lime trifle already. Chunks of mango were included on a small bit of moist vanilla cake with a creamy mousse-like pudding on the top. I tasted delicious vanilla but not as much lime per say. It was only a couple of bites but was the sweet treat I needed to feel satisfied! So far so good!

mango trifle




4 thoughts on “A day in the life of the Fresh Diet: Day 2

  1. This day of meals looked pretty good….a bunch of different flavors through out the day but all the portions do look teeny tiny!

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