Day one on the fresh diet

The other day, I posted about getting Get Fit with Gilt, where I mentioned I was trying out one of their deals for a 7 day subscription for the Fresh Diet (which you can still purchase!). Today was day one of eating the food and I must say, it is easy and pretty tasty! Now I need to also mention as a disclaimer I am still stuffed up from having a cold, which makes my appetite a little more in control then the norm, but I really had a great day on the diet.

Basically last night before bed I checked and there was a cooler with ice packs and my meals for today at my door step.

fresh diet1
You get in the bag 3 meals and 2 snacks for the following day all packaged up separately to toss into the refrigerator.
fresh diet2
Breakfast was fresh fruit salad featuring pineapple, strawberries, orange wedges, watermelon cubes, a few blueberries and then a vanilla ricotta cheese dip.

fruit salad

For lunch, a wheat wrap was filled with turkey and avocado and A LOT of shredded jack cheese. There was a fresh salsa on the side which really made the meal. Usually I am a mayo addict but the salsa was so refreshing and complimented the ingredients really well I was surprised to see- I need to keep note of this and have more mayo free sandwiches. I also out of habit always have a side with my sandwich like baked chips, garden salad, carrot sticks, grapes…whatever I can get my hands on. And somehow I was fine with just the wrap.

turkey wrap
Next up, for snack, I was provided with two stuffed mushrooms to microwave filled with Cajun pork, which was different. I always think of stuffed mushrooms being filled with bread crumbs, spinach, cheese, or creamy textured filling but was pleased with the sausage mushroom combo. Usually I have a granola bar so it was nice to have a warm snack for a change.

Dinner included chicken rolled with pesto, mashed white beans (which I had never had and liked the texture) and then a couple of big pieces of broccoli to microwave up. At first glance I was worried about the size and color of the chicken (looked bland), but the little piece was packed with flavor because of the pesto rolled inside.

chicken dinner
I put it on a plate to make it more exciting to my senses!


I still have a mini muffin as my late-night snack or dessert which is a cranberry orange muffin so we will see how that goes. The booklet they provided says to eat the last meal an hour before bed so I will save that for a bit later.


Now tonight I just leave the empty bag and ice at the door and will get my new shipment for tomorrows eats. We shall see how this goes! Even if I lose one pound during the week of the diet, that would be great but 4 would be ideal lol.  Fingers crossed!



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