My eats from last week

Hope everyone is having a great first week of Jan/2013! I on the other hand got screwed with cold/flu symptoms and have been hanging on the couch the past couple of days. Not fun people! Unlike yesterday, today I can at least sit up but let me tell you, it is a balancing act dealing with tissues, while trying to type, hold my laptop, and load up on OJ.

The past week, I have eaten at home quite a bit since I am still jobless, sick, and on a budget! I did get out last weekend to do some shopping with the bf at the Burlington mall and we kicked off the day with a quick Uno’s lunch. I have to give a shout out to them about their Bloody Mary. Instead of the usual celery you see everywhere, they top off the drink with a mini skewer featuring folded pepperoni slices wedged between two cheese cubes with an olive on it. I thought it was a tasty compliment to the drink. Nothing exciting to share from the actual lunch and no pics– the bf got his usual deep dish pizza and I went for a burger. Not the best and not the worst but filled us up before our shopping extravaganza.


Uno's bloody mary
Monday was New Year’s Eve! We went to a house party and the bf brought his famous Sicilian pizza from Imperial and back by popular demand, I made another huge batch of magic bars, like I did on x-mas eve eve.

magic bars
Tuesday we recuperated from drinking WAY too much to ring in the New Year with greasy Chinese food for dinner. We both got combo dinners to-go from Asian Taste in Medford, MA and portions were cheap and huge. I put aside half of the chicken for Wednesday and enjoyed the crab rangoon, other half of the sesame chicken, and some of the rice that evening and tossed the rest of the rice. That place is very reliable when we are in the mood for Chinese food, which is not often.

Asian Taste

asian taste  combo dinner
The week was filled with working on my portfolio, writing, job hunting and getting organized, until I got sick and felt like I got hit by a truck Friday evening. But Friday during the day I met up with a friend to chat about potential office work I could do and on the way back, decided to treat myself to a sandwich from Volle Nolle. The service is absolutely spectacular. They only take cash and I was short a buck and only here do they say not to worry about it and give it on your next visit. Very sweet! I got the pastrami which when I first bit into it and looked at it, I thought maybe it was corned beef or turkey pastrami because of the color and texture. All and all it was tasty no matter what kind of pastrami it was!

Volle Nolle

pastrami at volle nolle
It was all downhill after the coffee meeting and lunch though. I got drowsy and stuffed up like no other, so I knew Lifetime movies and soup were going to be the bulk of my weekend. Thankfully I have the best bf in the world and even though I was gross and germy, he stopped by yesterday to bring me OJ and soup. He brought me really good homemade chicken noodle from Dom’s. We go there for marinated steak tips to bring home and grill, but they have plenty of other offerings too apparently.


chicken soup from doms
Since I don’t really have any food cravings when I feel crumby, I have been sipping soups, hot chocolate, and tea like it’s my job beside water and OJ. The thought of chewing a crunchy salad, biting through a sandwich, or cooking up a real meal with protein and veggies is really not even an option, so I made up a batch of applesauce for when I get sick of soup the next couple of days, using this recipe.


Back to resting up so I am better asap and can get back to the gym and make some extra cash doing work projects eventually this week! Happy Sunday!

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