My eats from last week

The past couple of weeks I have shared tons of holiday food pics but there has been plenty of eats out to share too. The second weekend in December, I told you about my trip to FL to PGA. Besides the food I enjoyed on the property (which I will share soon!) there were a few standout restaurants in the area.

First off, I need to give a shout out to Beer Works. As we waited for our flight to board out of Logan, nothing says vacation mode like a blueberry beer. I love the floating blueberries and the light crisp taste.

Beer Works

blueberry beer

We landed later than planned and had to reschedule our dinner reservations for the following night. We wanted something quick and I knew right away I wanted to go to casual spot Pollo Tropical when we arrived in Florida. This place is so good; I wish they had it up north in Boston. There are so many sauces to choose from and you can enjoy pork or chicken with beans, rice, veggies, and whatever else you want. I went with the create your own TropiChops featuring all sorts of goodness in a bowl.

Pollo Tropical


pollo tropical

Friday we stuck around the hotel but Saturday I ventured out for lunch and shopping. I am a sucker for a Jewish deli so we went to Too Jay’s. There are so many things I wanted to try but I went with the reuben. Big portions and so many offerings at this place.

Too Jay’s

too jayreuben

After lunch my sisters and sisters’ husband, mom, and I ventured out to shop! We went into a candy store that was so much fun! Everything is super sized and there were some unique offerings. Like gummy fried eggs?  And BYOB: bring your own bears. So cool.


Candy store

One of the other stores we went to look around featured food, but not of the edible nature! They were all candles, made of wax. How real do these look?

Candle’s by Mimi’s Daughter

pecan pie candlecake candles

Sunday we went for lunch at a waterfront spot Frigates. They had a bloody mary bar which I am always a fan of. Also great views and plenty of fresh seafood dishes. Plenty of apps were ordered including scallops, coconut shrimp, and steamers. For the main meal, I split the fish tacos and the dolphin reuben with one of the sisters. Really good food!


steamersdolphin reubenfish tacos

bloody barbloody maryrestaurant

Then it was off to the airport for our flight back from FL. The trip was way too quick! My memento from the bf from the airport? A gummy gator!

momento from the airport

Once we were back in Boston, there was plenty of x-mas shopping and errands to do. The bf and I hit up a new burger joint the following week, Burger Dive, in Somerville, MA. Burgers, hot dogs, fries, and milk shakes fill the menu at this low key eatery. I went with the Jack’s BBQ Smokehouse which was a cheeseburger piled high with lettuce and tomato, onion, bacon and sauce. Really good quick and cheap meal. Definitely hits the spot when you are in a splurging-greasy mood!

Burger Dive

burger mobileburgerdivefries

Another mall trip was in the mix before the holidays and the bf and I went to Cheesecake Factory. We tried another item off the Skinnylicious menu! The Asian chicken lettuce tacos. I am a fan of the regular lettuce wraps and this was just a smaller version where instead of making your own, the wraps/ tacos are set up for you and come with three. Not so healthy? I got a steak and cheese which I barely touched and brought home to eat for another meal. I think because I had been eating at home so much and mostly chicken dishes, I wanted meat!

Cheesecake Factory

lettuce tacos at cheesecake

steak and cheese panini

Q: Did you eat any stand-out meals the past couple of weeks?



2 thoughts on “My eats from last week

  1. My grandparents live in delray beach, FL and WE love toojays..ruben is great but shockingly so isn’t the eggsalad sandwich!

    • Everything there looks amazing when you first walk in and see the deli counters lined with tuna salad, egg salad, potato salad…really every mayonaissey salad you can ask for ! yum!

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