Top 12 posts on Eat and Sip in the City in 2012

What a year 2012 was. I moved into my own place, started up writing for CBS, celebrated my 3 year anniversary with the bf with a trip to FL and got to see my fam, had a couple of trips to CT to visit with friends, a trip to NY for a baby shower, went to a couple of great weddings, attended a few food and drink events, and ended the year with a lay off from my day job, after over 6 years there, followed by x-mas festivities.  Whew – and that is just what I can think of off the top of my head!

Besides reflecting on what happened in life, it is great to reflect on what went on around here on my blog. There was a time when only my sister came here to read what I had to say and a couple of friends here and there and now it is at 25 thousand views! Besides giveaways (which are always popular posts because who doesn’t want freebies?), these are the most viewed blog posts this year!  It seems lots of my readers love new light food and drink products out and at home like me, new Boston stores and events in the area, and a variety of cocktail recipes! Plus there were plenty of views for my BLT recipe, accessory party post, and ideas for baby shower/gift poems. There is going to be plenty more baby ideas when my business starts up, which is hopefully soon. Anyways, here they are:

1. Skinnylicious Menu at the Cheesecake Factory

Mini Crab Cakes

2. Shades of Grey Cocktail Recipe

Shades of Grey

3. Baby Shower Poems

Baby Jackson

4. New Crystal Light Mocktails


5. How to throw your own Accessory Swap Party

Purse Wine

6. Criss cross will make you jump, jump for this BLT recipe


7. Celebrate the Mad Men premiere with Del Frisco’s classic cocktail’s + Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Del Frisco's

Del Frisco’s

8. Cocoanuts Boston is open for biz


9. Cocktail Recipes with Limited Edition Summer Flavors from Polar Seltzer

Summer Punch

10. December Events in Boston 2012

11. New Lipton Tea & Honey mix

Lipton Tea & Honey - Mango Pineapple

12. Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao Cocktail Recipes

brandy crusta

Highlights from your year or blog? Please share in the comments!



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