Christmas eve eve recap plus magic bars

Three days of Christmas fun has come to a close! The bf and I headed north of Boston for a x-mas eve eve party Sunday at his bro and wife’s house. Great times including food, drinks, plenty of babies, and the annual Yankee swap. On the menu? Buffalo chicken and artichoke dips, followed by ham, green bean casserole, potatoes au gratin, pasta with mushroom tomato sauce, and homemade meatballs warming up in the crock pot.

Christmas eve eve dinner

Next up was a dessert buffet!


I am sure you are wondering what this food blogger brought to the festivities? I went with magic bars! Easy and so tasty. I used this recipe. The stars of the show are: graham cracker, condensed milk, coconut, chocolate chips, walnuts, and butter.


You basically just make a crust with the graham cracker crumbs in the pan and then pour on a layer of the milk.


Then sprinkle on coconut! It looks like snow!

coconut layer

Follow that layer up with chocolate chips and chopped nuts. You can add so many variations to this like butterscotch chips, chopped pretzels, white chocolate chips, or whatever you fancy.


Bake until the edges are golden brown and some of the coconut flakes get toasted.


And cut up in tons of squares to share.

magic bars


Question: Do you celebrate x-mas eve eve ?



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