Christmas Day – the end of the x-mas extravaganza

I shared details about x-mas eve eve, Christmas Eve – Feast of the Seven Fishes, and next up is the finale of the festivities: Christmas day dinner. After two nights straight of larger parties, Christmas day ended up shrinking down to just the bf and me and his parents. As usual, the bf’s mom had a lovely centerpiece.


Smoked salmon and lobster dip with crackers plus shrimp on the grill were out to pick on while dinner cooked.

shrimp skewers

Then we had the pasta course, which was lobster ravioli with a lobster marinara sauce.

lobster ravioli with lobster sauce

The star of the show was the x-mas roast! Juicy and red in the center. Yum! I took home leftovers of this beauty for sandwiches today.


Anyways check out the spread – the meat, green beans, roasted potatoes, garden salad, bread, and wine.

christmas dinnermy plate

For dessert, a variety of baked goods from my part of town: the North End in Boston.

cannollisitalian cookies

Gifts were exchanged, food and drinks were inhaled, and tons of relaxing and chatting it up occurred. Hope you had a great few days too! Back to reality with my job search, research for my business, and getting back on track with working out and eating right.

Q: Any Christmas highlights you would like to share?



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