My eats from last week

I haven’t done a round-up of my eats from last week in two weeks! I am going to save all the exciting and tasty food I had at the PGA National Resort this past weekend for its own post, but up until that I had a few meals to share at home and around town worth a mention this month.

The bf and I have quite a sweet tooth. There is a 24 hour bakery just STEPS from my apartment which doesn’t make staying fit the easiest task. They have tons of holiday treats right now and one of our favorites is the red velvet at Bova’s. They have everything red velvet you could think up including red velvet whoopie pies (in two sizes might I add) and red velvet cupcakes, but we went for a big chunk of cake to share.

Bova’s Bakery

red velvet

holiday treats
The bf is not only my dessert buddy but he is my favorite cook. Italian recipes are his specialty of course since his family owns a restaurant. But he also makes a mean steak. He cooked seared steaks and served it with rice, Caesar salad, and wine. He made a wine mushroom sauce to cover the steaks which was so good. He is too quick and loves to do a little bit of this and a little bit of that, so jotting down a recipe to share here didn’t happen (sorry guys!).

steak at home
At the FORMER job (still in shock about it!), we did a cookie swap. Yum!

cookie swap
And we also had a baby shower for a co-worker whose wife is due any day now, where we ordered Viga catering. We went with salad and pasta with meatballs but also sprung for the buffalo chicken platter as an appetizer. It really hit the spot!


buff chicken
I made a test batch of raspberry jam, thinking I could make up some cute jars as gifts. That’s probably not going to happen after all, but I was excited about how delicious and easy it was. I used this simple recipe and only made a mini batch.


Question: What did you eat the past couple of weeks worth sharing?


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