Laid off and lovin it?

The big news in my life is that yesterday my “day job” laid me off because of a restructure in the company. I worked there for 6 years, so it was completely shocking and upsetting. I am unsure how I feel about the whole thing and am maybe not loving it yet (as the title suggests), when I have a bit of anxiety about my bank account dwindling by the second. But this morning, I woke up with a sense of excitement! I already updated my Linked In, reconnected with two recruiting companies, tweaked two versions of my resume, and reached out to a few friends letting them know the news, so that if anything comes up they think of me.

It is kind of a sad time to be let go from work though. I JUST got back from vaca with the bf and his bro and wife to see my sisters and parents for the holidays (can’t wait to share the pics from that!!). Christmas is just days away and I still have some gifts to purchase. And since I went away, I have ZERO food in the fridge, so I am going to HAVE to shell out some dough in the next few days on gifts and food. I cut back on meetings with the personal trainer from two days to just one a week recently, cancelled WW (boo!) and was paying a fee for a website to hold my portfolio, but I took that down too since I can just use Linked In and Monster and other free sites for my search.

On the bright side, I still have this very blog, a blog advertising gig, and will write for Examiner and CBS Boston Local, so at least I will still be nice and busy. Also, maybe now is the time to finally get my business with my old co-worker off the ground! I called unemployment and they said call back tomorrow! And the money from that won’t come in for WEEKS anyways. SO here I am in a pickle.

Why am I telling you this? Well, so you know why all of a sudden I may be doing lots more writing. Also my eats from last week are going to include WAY more meals at home and barely any meals out in the area, since I won’t be in the Financial District eating out daily during my work lunch breaks. And why else? Because I need your support of course. Your likes and comments are what get me excited to write here! And I can’t help but also mention I am now available for guest blogging, freelance writing or editing projects, PR, social media, advertising, and all the other things I offer, which can be found here.


8 thoughts on “Laid off and lovin it?

  1. While it can be a bit daunting to not have that steady source of income, I think this will end up being one of those worst but best things to happen. Now on to the best….

  2. I think the company takes an ultimate cruelty laying off people right in the holiday season… But I truly hope it will turn out for the best for you. Wishing you all the good luck you need!

  3. Sorry to hear the news!! Not sure if I can help but I’m an Account Manager for a staffing firm so if you need some guidance let me know. We are connected on linkedin where you can find all my contact info 🙂

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