On a quick bread kick- baking banana bread

I had the day off today to catch up on writing, working out, and cleaning! Sitting on the counter were some over ripe bananas. You know what that means! Banana bread! So I snuck in some time today for baking too. I still have a couple of more to make muffins or something later tonight or tomorrow.

Apparently I am on a quick bread kick, wouldn’t you say? There was apple bread for my friend on Halloween, zucchini bread for Thanksgiving #2, and now a big loaf of banana-ey goodness in the oven today.  I used yet another All Recipe’s option that had tons of good reviews. In Weight Watcher’s points plus it says 7, according to my calculator, but the problem is, the recipe didn’t really say serving size! I will bring it to work and let the co-workers nosh on it in the morning so that I don’t have any more then the piece I just had.

Question: What’s your favorite recipes website?



2 thoughts on “On a quick bread kick- baking banana bread

  1. Boy do I wish I could try some! Pumpkin bread would have been yummy also. You know what’s really good? Bread with fruit flavored butter. I recently had pumpkin butter and could not get enough!

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