Scenes from my Saturday at friends Thanksgiving + zucchini bread

Yesterday was Thanksgiving #2 for the bf and I. Each year, his friends all get together for another round of turkey-centric fun the Saturday after the big day. There was not one but two fried turkeys!

Plus all the usual sides including mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, stuffing, rolls, macaroni and cheese (with bacon!), and desserts were aplenty.

There was some fruity punch to sip, an ice luge for shots, and a bonfire to hang out outdoors by the fire.

My contribution to the party was zucchini bread. I knew they already had the sides and desserts covered so I figured the bread would be a good appetizer, side dish, or dessert all in one, since it is sweet and savory. I found a recipe on All Recipes that got great reviews and I had a few zucchini’s already in the fridge along with almost all the ingredients in my cupboard, so it was a perfect dish to whip up before the party.

I used this converter to figure out how much zucchini the recipe called for. It told me to use 2.3 zucchinis but somehow I ended up having extra grated zucchini versus the cup and a half of grated zucchini the recipe called for. It would have been perfect to stuff into omelets this morning or sauté into tomato sauce for dinner but of course I was in a rush and just ended up tossing it! Oops! Any who, the bread turned out moist and delicious. The recipe was for 2 loaves but I halved it to make just one! Check out the recipe online here.



2 thoughts on “Scenes from my Saturday at friends Thanksgiving + zucchini bread

    • I was standing pretty far faraway on the deck when I took this pic (and zoomed in)….the two fyers were actually perfect sized to fry up the two 15 pounders in peanut oil! Very tasty!

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