Scenes from my turkey day

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday! I certainly did. I went to the bf’s house and on the menu was smoked salmon with crackers and French onion dip with chips as a starter with wine.

Spinach and cheese ravioli with freshly grated parmesan cheese kicked off the dinner with fresh bread, followed by garden salad, deep fried turkey, stuffing, green beans with almonds, creamy whipped mashed potatoes with chives, both fresh and canned cranberry sauce, and eggplant parmesan. Dessert was pumpkin pie cheesecake, cannolli’s, cookies, brownies (recipe to follow!), fruit cups, and espresso. Needless to say, it was a long, food-filled fun day! Though it was my first year without my own family, it was nice to stay local and spend time with my love. Make sure to check out what I am thankful for this holiday and tell me yours!

By the way, remember my post earlier this week about what to bring to the hostess on turkey day? I followed my suggestions and went with a candle. There was a cranberry candle at Bath & Body Works and I paired it with a cranberry hand wash, and for a nice festive touch, put in a chocolate turkey I grabbed at CVS, all wrapped in a cellophane bag. I think the bf’s mom really appreciated it!



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