Twenty things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving

There are so many things to be thankful for. But I am going to keep it to twenty this Thanksgiving. Here they are in no particular order – check it out:

1. A bf who lets me be me and still loves me.
2. Sisters who are like bff’s and I talk to daily.
3. A mom that even though she has Parkinson’s, is only thinking about her daughters and their happiness.
4. An apartment that I can live alone drama-free, right in the center of all the action in Boston.
5. Speaking of Boston, a city that is completely walk-able, to explore new restaurants, stores, parks, and much more every day.
6. A job that has been very patient even though I have been beyond distracted doing my side biz and this very blog and other writing.
7. On the topic of writing, a way to express my creativity, share my findings/feelings and to make extra $$.
8. I am thankful for my readers whether it be on CBS, Examiner, or right here on my blog.
9. PR contacts who invite me to delicious food and drink events like this one.
10. Friends that I can trust and are with me through thick and thin.
11. Bff’s who I have had for 20 years now and have always been encouraging and loving.
12. Simple things in life like a Dunkin Donut’s French vanilla iced coffee to wake me up in the morning.
13. Technology (I love my Samsung phone and tablet!!) for keeping me in the know about important news but also the stuff that is happening in others lives on social media sites.
14. Movies to watch on lazy Sundays on my couch and music to get me pumped for an outdoor jog!
15. Sunny mornings like today for long walks along the waterfront in Boston.
16. A gym, PT, and work-out buddy to keep me motivated to stay fit every week.
17. Money in the bank to take mini getaways like my upcoming Florida trip with the bf, his bro, and his wifey!
18. Good food. I mean what else does today (and every day in my life) revolve around lol!
19. Warm clothes in the winter to make us feel cozy like scarves, leggings, and sweater dresses and warm days in the summer for sundresses and flip flops.
20. My health – no colds yet this season (fingers crossed), good check up at the derm, dr, and dentist the past couple of months!

I could go on and on….But what are you thankful for?  Also, for a laugh, check out last year’s post: The Mishaps of Thanksgiving’s Past. Happy Thanksgiving!



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