Three hostess gifts to bring this Thanksgiving

Show your appreciation to the host/hostess this turkey day with a gift! Whether you have money to spare and can splurge or are on a budget and need to save, check out these three options. There is still plenty of time to get something nice together to bring with you to dinner! It doesn’t matter if it is a friend of the family or your own mom, even the smallest gesture will be appreciated after they spent time and money cleaning, shopping, cooking, and doing everything else that goes into the biggest meal of the year!

1. Holiday candle

Splurge: Give Thanks Jar Shade –  $16.99 plus Large Pumpkin Pie Jar Candle – $27.99

Save:  White Barn 4 oz. Small Thanksgiving Candle – $10.00

2. Serving set

Splurge: Julia Knight Classic Salad Serving Set – $100

Save:  Pacific Merchants Acaciaware Fork & Spoon Serving Set – $10.30

3. Gourmet food basket/Wine

Splurge: Crater Lake Gift Basket Classic – $49.95

Save: Make your own gift basket or gift bag with wine, cookies, gourmet popcorn, candy, coffee, chocolates, or whatever goodies you find that remind you of your Thanksgiving hosts – $10 and up

Question: Do you bring anything to turkey day dinner for the host?


3 thoughts on “Three hostess gifts to bring this Thanksgiving

  1. These are great tips! Oftentimes, we forget to bring a present to the family hosting the Thanksgiving feast, but if we prepare ourselves beforehand, we will definitely have something ready!

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