My eats from last week

It’s time again for another round-up of the restaurants or bars I visited recently in my eats from last week!

The week kicked off with the bf’s b-day last Monday. His birthday dinner choice was to drive up to Gloucester, MA for a meal at The Causeway Restaurant with his family and me. It is very low key and it’s BYOB, so we bought a few bottles of wine next door at a liquor store to sip with dinner. Please excuse the camera phone pictures below- I think it is officially time to get myself a phone with a camera that has a flash and auto-focus! Or just carry around my camera? I dunno.

The Causeway Restaurant
Recommend: Any of the fresh or fried seafood. We got raw clams and oysters, followed by mussels and other seafood like scallops and shrimp, over pasta with marinara sauce. It was a huge portion and we had plenty of leftovers for the following day.

Dessert was a cake from Mike’s pastry in the North End that we had brought in.

Mike’s Pastry
Recommend: Canollis, cookies, and cakes.

I brought my lunch all week but Friday had run out of ingredients, so a turkey and cheese sub at Al Capone’s, with all the fixin’s, hit the spot at work! They are very quick in there, prices are cheap, and they have a ton of variety.

Al Capone’s
Recommend: Subs, pasta dishes, and pizza.

Friday night, I went out with a couple of my gf’s to an old favorite of mine Kinsale. Only problem was they no longer have the same menu! I loved the spinach and artichoke dip and it is not even offered at all anymore. They even used to offer the option to have the dip on their nachos and it was seriously so good. I opted for the regular cheese nachos with chili and tried to give them a chance but was very disappointed. At least they have blueberry beer still with fresh blueberries and live music.

Recommend: Blueberry beer and hard apple cider.

After shopping it up at the Chestnut Hill mall Saturday for the replacement birthday gift from my b-day (remember my dislike for the pen and notebook? well, we returned it and the bf generously said I could pick something else out of the same value), we went to Charley’s. I was happy as can be with a new bag from Bloomingdale’s, which was having a huge sale by the way and we celebrated with appetizers, burgers, and beer. Charley’s, which is right next door, was a perfect spot to go to since we were starving for some dinner. The bf devoured his onion soup and I snacked on some buffalo tenders that were good but nothing too exciting. The warm free bread on the other hand is really delicious there and the burgers are decent sized, plus they have pumpkin beer. I thought the fries were completely overcooked that came with the burger but it was for the better since I had my sandwich to eat and shouldn’t have gotten the fries anyways!

Recommend: Pumpkin beer, burgers, free bread, and onion soup.

Question: Any restaurants you loved last week?


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