New Thanksgiving Collection at Crumbs cupcakes

It was yet another office birthday at work today! We got our fave, Crumbs, which I know I have mentioned how much I love their cupcakes including in my post here, here, and even here. But I want to share how perfect and festive their new Thanksgiving Collection is.

The flavors (as noted on their website), can be purchased in a  6-pack for $27.00 and include:

Candy Caramel Apple (apple cinnamon cake, caramel cream cheese frosting dipped in caramel with chopped pecans)
Harvest Pumpkin (vanilla cake, vanilla frosting covered in orange sugar with a pretzel stem)
Pumpkin Patch (chocolate cake, chocolate fudge frosting, black sprinkles, marzipan pumpkin)
Red Velvet Delicious (red velvet cake, vanilla cream cheese frosting covered in red sanding sugar)
Sunflower (chocolate cake, chocolate fudge frosting, sunflower tinted vanilla frosting)
The Squirrel (spice cake, vanilla cinnamon cream cheese frosting, chocolate drops on sable cookies)

They also have their mini cupcakes available in a Thanksgiving Taste Pack. You get two each of Apple Cobbler, Chocolate Pecan Pie, Falling Leaves, Pumpkin, Vanilla Nonpareil and Chocolate Nonpareil in a 12-pack for $24. This would be a perfect hostess gift to bring to a dinner party this month, good to have for dessert with the family on turkey day, or really a great way for celebrating November birthdays at the office, like we did today! For me, the best tasting one was the caramel apple and I thought the best decorated one was the Red Velvet Delicious apple! This picture I took with my phone doesn’t do it justice, but it was bright red and sparkley!

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