10 ways to use up your apples this fall

After apple picking this year, I was left with a giant bag of fresh apples! I love how you can seriously eat apples at any meal and the number of apple recipes out there is endless. Cut up as a side to your breakfast? Sure, why not! In your salad to bulk it up, along with cheese and protein.  Yum! A piece of apple bread with tea for an afternoon snack? Don’t mind if I do. At dinner with pork or whatever you fancy…Delic!  And then in a big warm apple crisp with ice cream for dessert. Wowza.

The past couple of weeks I have happily been diving into my apple stash. I have eaten them all kinds of ways.  Here is my list of options to chip away at your bushel of apples, with links to the recipes I used, if there was one. Enjoy!

1. Sliced apple chips – with a sandwich in place of potato chips or even IN the sandwich like my turkey and apple sandwich recipe.

2. Cut up apples  – with peanut butter as a snack at work or home.

3. Plain apples – They are so fresh, no reason to not let the apples shine.

4. Apple bread – I made up a loaf of cinnamon apple walnut bread for my friend/co-worker/future biz partner since I was stopping by her home to see her newborn baby again and didn’t want to come empty handed. I found this recipe and cut it in half to make one loaf. Then I found the cutest apple towel at the store. I let the bread cool and wrapped it up in tin foil before rolling it into the towel and tying it up with a green ribbon.

5. Applesauce – Fresh applesauce is so darn good thanks to this recipe, I can hardly handle it. I made a small batch to keep in the fridge for when I need a snack.

6. Apple crisp – The bf and I got take-out on Tuesday (more on that in my eats from the week!) and made up a quick apple crisp to eat while we watched The Voice. He brought home leftovers and I had an extra portion to eat the following day!

7. Warm Apples and Ice Cream from Rachael Ray. No explanation needed. Quick and almost as good as apple crisp or pie or other apple desserts.

8. Baked Apples – I made a baked apple in the toaster in less than 20 minutes! Butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon are all you need to go in the apple.

9. Sangria – I am a believer that sangria is good any time of year! I just had some with dinner last night! Remember my recipe from this summer with a chopped apple in it?

10. Waldorf Salad– Awhile back for my worthwhile reads from the web this week, I had found that Health.com had featured 25 Amazing Apple Recipes.  I figured I would share the link again in case the above options didn’t inspire you too much. My favorite from their round up is the Updated Waldorf Salad.

Question: What’s your favorite way to eat apples?



7 thoughts on “10 ways to use up your apples this fall

  1. I really enjoyed this article. Can you do an article about ways to use eggs or hardboiled eggs? I had a batch and was not sure what to with them besides eat em with salt and pepper!
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