My eats from last week

I haven’t posted my eats from last week for two weeks! But really I have eaten at home much more often and even brought lunch to work most days of the week. Just wanted to share a few restaurants and bars I visited in the past couple of weeks for take-out or dining out with friends or the bf. See below:

Steve’s Greek Cuisine – Faneuil Hall

Recommend: Greek salad with chicken. Love the creamy Greek dressing and they give you a soft pita bread to go with it. Really never had anything else there but it is a good quick dinner on the way home after working late!

Wild Greens

Recommend: Fresh salads tossed right in front of you. Tofu, salmon, chicken, hard boiled eggs, and other proteins available to top off the veggies with. Pricey (around 10 dollar salads) but worth it for a healthy and filling lunch.

Battery Park Bar & Lounge

Recommend: Buffalo chicken wontons and the spinach and artichoke dip with veggies (didn’t love the chips they give you though but the dip was great). Bonus points for having pumpkin beer too with a cinnamon and sugar rim!

Tavern In The Square

Recommend: Quality bar food and good service. Waffle fries, burgers, and buffalo chicken tenders/skewers were all tasty. The chicken was so filling I really didn’t need the burger and brought most of it home! And it was surprisingly good warmed up for lunch the following day. Pumpkin sampler has Harpoon, Cape Ann Pumpkin Stout, Cambridge Brewing Great Pumpkin, and Shipyard, with each one better then the next.

The Vault

Recommend: Sliders and nachos (really good – sorry the pic didn’t come out that great from my phone in the dark bar!). Good for business lunch for salads or sandwiches at reasonable prices. Also fun for after work drinks with apps and they even have blueberry beer.



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