Scenes from my Saturday: Mohegan Sun

I finally posted my recap of the event I attended with the bf, Mohegan Sun Brewfest, on Examiner, and wanted to share a few more pics! I had mentioned a couple of the restaurants I went to while I was there in my eats from the week, but there are plenty of pictures to share from the actual beer festival too.

From the minute we arrived at the hotel, we were so excited. And this was not a bad way to be welcomed at check-in! Would you care for some champagne? Don’t mind if I do!

The views from the hotel were so perfect and peaceful but of course we were barely in the room when there was so much going on in the casino.

Since the beer festival session we were attending was not until 6 pm, we made some time for a drink followed by dinner at Jasper White’s Summer Shack. We had oysters and a scallops with bacon skewer as an appetizer. I got the fish and chips and the bf got a swordfish option they were offering.

Next up on the agenda was the beer festival followed by gambling and dancing.

The next morning before hitting the road, brunch at Todd English’s Tuscany really hit the spot. Steak and eggs! Oh yea! Such a great weekend.


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