Gifts for the birthday girl

So Monday the 15th was my b-day! I took the day off to have a long weekend and to let it sink in how OLD I am. The big 3-2! Geez Louise where does the time go? Anyways, I wanted to share some of the fun ways I celebrated and gifts I got. Whenever anyone asks about your birthday, they always seem to say “where did you go?” and “what did you get?” so here goes.

I enjoyed a peaceful day off, slept in, and took in the random 75 degree fall day with a walk to the park to catch some rays and chatted it up with friends on the phone. I did do some writing (did you see my eats from last week post on Monday?) but I also made it a point to just relax. I got a pedicure with the money I got from my mom in the mail as a gift and picked up a double iced mocha latte with skim, since I am a new-found coffee addict these days.

In the evening, the bf came by and we went to sit at the bar at Café Florentine, which I highly recommend for date night or girls night in the North End neighborhood of Boston. Many glasses of wine were consumed and the bf and I shared calamari and noshed on the bread with oil they provided. The entrée for him included: Roasted pork tenderloin rubbed with olive oil, garlic, rosemary & bacon served with roasted potatoes, rosemary & green beans and for me Lobster ravioli filled with shallots, crabmeat & ricotta, tossed with lobster meat, porcini truffle oil in a vodka cream sauce. It was seriously so delicious and the perfect birthday dinner for me.

Now onto the gifts I got all, which rolled in all week. The bf hooked me up with some gift cards, which are always welcome!

He also got me this.

Bratty Michelle was not satisfied with this gift. But his thought process? You are a writer so a nice pen and a notebook/planner is perfect for you! My thought process on the other hand. This gift is boring and you picked the plainest ones and it is a waste of money.

And who needs a 2012 planner when it is already October? Where is my new handbag or bracelet? Or how about a diamond? They are a girl’s best friend after all and we have been dating almost 3 years. Ok, so I am totally selfish and need to take it down a notch because it is the thought that counts and really when I think about it, taking notes with a nice pen like this is much more professional looking. But I couldn’t hide my disappointment and we ended up returning it and I will get something else I pick out very soon.

His mom hooked me up with these awesome earrings and a nice lotion too though.

The bff gives the best gifts. Remember the winter jacket she bought me and I lost it but then found it? I shouldn’t have any issues losing either of these after this year’s b-day gift! Loving my new smoking slippers and these are my first Michael Kors shoes!

The work out buddy knows the way to my heart. She got me a sweater with a belt to go with it from Loft. A great combo to wear to work with black or grey pants!

Speaking of Loft, they sent a $15 gift card in the mail!

I love a good coupon. I also got an email from one of my favorite stores Sephora (which the boyfriend bought me a gift card for). They said to stop in for free lip balm. Woo-hoo!

At work, they got me mini-cupcakes and everyone signed a card.

I got a few cards to hang on the refrigerator this month too! All and all, a birthday worth bragging about!

Question: Best birthday gift you ever received?



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