My eats from last week

This past week, I had Monday off for Columbus Day and then I decided to take off Friday to have a long weekend for my birthday (which is today! Woo-hoo!). So I made sure to have lots of food at home in the fridge to make quick, healthy meals all week. I had scrambled eggbeaters a few mornings, ham, turkey, or tuna sandwiches on wheat bread for lunch, and veggies and chicken for dinner.

The bf made caprese with artichokes and he cooked a delicious shrimp and scallop scampi with fresh fettucine from DePasqaules to kick off the week on Monday.

It was my co-workers last day of work so another round of cupcakes from Crumbs made their way into the office on Wednesday.

Thursday I went with the co-workers to Slate for our usual Thursday night drinks but I decided to meet up with a few friends for a pre –b-day celebration too! We had a few apps and then the group shrunk down and four of us headed out for some karaoke fun at another spot, Sissy K’s.


Recommend: Flatbread pizzas or burgers with fries. Also raspberry beer or pumpkin cidar.

Sissy K’s:

Recommend: Dollar drafts, karaoke, cheap apps.

Friday nothing too exciting to share but Saturday, the bf and I had a great fall day at Smolak farms, as you saw in my Scenes from my Saturday. We picked apples, which was actually a challenge since there were only two kinds left and it was so busy there and all the apples were up high! But after a couple of hours, we filled up a big bag and headed to the store to get cidar and donuts.

Smolak Farm’s:

Recommend: Pick your own apples, coffee, cidar, and donuts at the bakery

The boyfriend had to be up early for a road trip to NYC for the comicon festival on Sunday so we grabbed an early dinner at Margarita’s after a long day at the farm.


Recommend: Margaritas (of course) and fajitas.

Sunday I got to meet the baby! My co-worker/business partner/friend had a baby boy. On the way back, my other co-worker and I got some fro-yo for a snack in Downtown Crossing.

Fresh Mango:

Recommend:  Original frozen yogurt with fruit or candy toppings like chocolate covered pretzels and gummy bears.

I decided to get a veggie and rice bowl to bring home for later since I really just didn’t have the urge to cook and clean up and had basically run out of all my groceries! Plus I had to catch up on lots of writing and needed to devote my time to that.


Recommend: Taco salad with fat free picante ranch (naked), soft tacos and chips with guacamole.

That about wraps up the weeks eats!  Eat anything good this week?



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