My eats from last week

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Last week, my list of eats from the week seemed to go on and on! So I definitely focused more on eating at home and picking up groceries. I actually did a pretty good job and brought in lunch 4 out of the 5 work days from the groceries I got at Golden Goose in the North End and my local Whole Foods Market.

Dinners I had at home for the most part. But I got take-out with the bf Tuesday night, Thursday I was out and about and scrounged an app to have with one too many drinks, and Saturday I was at a BBQ with tons of great food.  Here is a round-up of where I was and what I liked at local restaurants and bars around Boston.

Where I ate and drank:

Recommend: Bagels of course! We get bagels for the office on Mondays and I always go for half of an everything or sesame bagel with light plain cream cheese.

Avellino’s Restaurant
Recommend: I let the bf pick what we ate since he is a regular there and I had never had anything. He chose the turkey club and the steak tip sub to share and we loved both!

Mr. Dooley’s
Recommend: Appetizers are huge and great for sharing. We got the Curry & Cheese Pub Chips which have aged cheddar cheese and imported Irish curry sauce. I love to go here for lunch and get turkey club, fish and chips, cobb salad, or the reuben. But we just got an appetizer and beers to go with it.

The Vault
Recommend: Go here after work for American pub grub like sliders, nachos, burgers or steak tips. They have blueberry beer and blueberry vodka, which is what we went for on Thursday though.

Recommend: Since my job is right near here, I go their regularly for their vegetarian wrap, Greek salad, or pasta dishes at lunch time. We had a work baby shower so I ordered salad, pasta, and a dessert platter for everyone to enjoy! It was around 10 dollars a person for a three course lunch, which was right in our budget.

Huge improvement from last week don’t cha think! I only ate out half as much. Baby steps.

Question: Was the best meal you had this weekend at home or out at a restaurant?



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