Guest Blog Post: Heather of Stuffed Pepper Needs Your Support on Fundable

Heather here from Stuffed Pepper! I am so happy Michelle invited me to guest blog on Eat and Sip in the City today. I want to tell you about Stuffed Pepper, the online community for gluten-free living. We have mouth-watering  recipes from some of the best culinary talent in the gluten-free world. We also have advice from medical experts who are on the leading edge of understanding gluten intolerance. Plus we have restaurant reviews, a discussion forum and a core group of committed members.

We spent the last year building this robust community platform and while we already have a significant audience, we’re now ready to broaden that audience so that we can reach millions more who are looking for this invaluable resource. But we can’ do it alone. So we recently launched a crowd-funding campaign on Fundable, and we’re asking for your help in reaching the 21 million Americans and more worldwide who have celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Finding quality gluten-free recipes and clear medical advice is not always easy, especially for the newly diagnosed. Imagine being told that you can’t eat wheat any more. What would you eat for breakfast, 7 days a week? And would you be able to enjoy pizza or cookies ever again? Practically every meal in modern American culture has wheat and/or gluten in it, as well as most sauces, condiments and processed foods. And if your doctor walks away, without a recipe or a resource to give you, it can be devastating.

Stuffed Pepper has all these resources in one place, including a sense of community that many are looking for as well.  In true community form, we are asking for your help through crowd-funding to get this resource out to as many people as possible. Chances are you or someone you know has a gluten intolerance.

If you contribute to the cause, you will receive great products as a thanks for your generosity.  Karen Morgan of Blackbird Bakery, who is also baker to stars like David Arquette, has just launched a new gourmet flour blend which will eventually be available through our marketplace. But it’s now available through this Fundable event! There is also some fun Stuffed Pepper swag, gorgeous gluten-free cookbooks, and more on offer.  Seriously. Check it out! And take a moment to watch our video, too: You can also check out the Stuffed Pepper website at Thank you in advance for your support and see you at the site!



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