Potbelly’s Sandwich Shop in Boston, MA

Located in Downtown Crossing, you will find a new sub shop! I actually mentioned I had tried it in my eats from last week on the blog yesterday. Let me tell you, my first impressions of Potbelly’s Sandwich Shop were great ones.

It is located right across from Subway sandwich shop and next door to b. good and Qdoba, so plenty of food competition in the vicinity. But they will definitely do well with their variety of toasted sandwiches and yummy little milkshakes with cookies on the straw.

They are actually a chain with over 240 Potbelly Sandwich Shops throughout the US, so they must be doing something right. I liked how they broke up the menu by Skinny options or Original sandwiches. You can also order one of their Bigs featuring 30 percent more meat.

The restaurant itself is spacious with seating along the window or at tables. They serve breakfast and then for lunch or dinner, they have a few different salads, soups, smoothies, shakes, and baked goods. And of course subs are their specialty!

I had it on Friday so I wasn’t exactly in healthy mode after a long week but I did notice some nutritional info on the menus on display. Also calorie counters or those counting WWPP can check out their nutritional calculator on the website. But anyways, like I said, I wasn’t so concerned about the healthiest choice for my Friday splurge; I was only concerned with the tastiest. You know, for the purpose of this blog post to share with you guys what’s good at this new spot (wink).

So I asked what their most popular sandwich was and according to the staff it was “A Wreck.” This sub featured Salami, Roast Beef, Turkey, Ham & Swiss Cheese. I also got a side of potato salad and a vanilla shake to drink. I felt like the shake was creamy and delicious, the potato salad featured thinly sliced potato and the right amount of mayo, and the sub was the perfect size. I love a toasted sandwich with melted cheese and meats and I also got all the fixings which included their special hot pepper blend. So good!

Potbelly’s Sandwich Shop, Downtown Crossing, Boston, MA


Question: Have you been there yet? What did you get?


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