A Pin-worthy baby shower in Pembroke

I recently went to my co-worker (and future business partners!)  surprise baby shower in Pembroke, MA and there were so many small details the hostess did to make a big impact! I figured I would share some pictures to inspire any upcoming parties or baby showers anyone is hosting. I loved the DIY green and white décor along with handmade tissue pom poms, a la Martha Stewart.

There was a make your own mojito bar with fresh limes, mint, a variety of rums, ice, and plenty of other beverages available. A recipe was there for you to follow along if you wanted the exact measurements.

There was a long buffet with a lot of cheese and cracker varieties and then hidden under the tin foil was skewers of chicken and beef. There were peel and eat shrimp too and endive leaves with herb cheese and a raspberry in it. I also really liked a fig butter they had out with crackers as well.

The theme was green pea pods which were present throughout the décor. Speaking of the word present…it was a green party where they suggested not to wrap the gifts! So here was everything nicely placed on display for the happy mother and father-to-be to take home.

And on our way out, party favors included lemonade mix that came with a whisk to stir up a drink and I loved the personalized popcorn reminding us that just like the popcorn, our woman of honor is going to pop soon too!


And for the guys, stogies from the stork!


All and all a great summer afternoon surprise baby shower, with plenty of Pin-worthy touches to make it memorable!

Question: Been to any “pin-worthy” parties lately?

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