Hibachi at Tokyo Steakhouse in Andover

Yesterday when I did My eats from last week blog post, I mentioned going to dinner at Tokyo in Andover on Thursday. It was the bf’s mom’s b-day dinner and I was excited to eat and see the cooking demonstration. I have not been to a hibachi style meal in ages…maybe the last time was at Benihana at Disney World years ago! So I was excited to try a new place, even though it was a half hour drive from Boston.
We ordered a couple of pieces of sushi to start, including white tuna and octopus.

We also got the combination dinners which included salad, onion and mushroom soup, followed by fried rice, veggies, and the proteins of our choice. I could not decide and ended up getting chicken, shrimp, AND steak.

Each person is given a small portion of shrimp to start off alongside the rice too.

Then the chef works his magic on the grill and puts all the meats and fish and the veggies on there and does a few tricks with the utensils. He chopped up the veggies and cut up all the meat and fish into bite size pieces. I was especially excited when I saw this.

I knew what was going to happen next from my last hibachi experience. Fire! I think that was my favorite part. Who doesn’t love the dramatic effect of the flames in this onion volcano?


My plate was filled to the absolute brim, starting with the steak followed by my fish and chicken. You also get three sauces with it, including a mustard one, sweet one, and spicy option. I was so glad we had only gotten the sushi as a  starter because I was so full from the combo meal, plus I got wine and some pear sake to sip.


I definitely liked the experience of dining here. It was a large space, so not really that busy or full on a Thursday. But I bet on weekends it is great for special occasion meals and is filled with people. There were a few sushi options I would love to try when I go back, like sushi rolls that are seared! But all and all I recommend the dining experience of the combo dinners around the hibachi.

Tokyo Steakhouse
560 S. Main St 
Andover, MA 01810
(978) 470-8888 

Question: Are there any other hibachi places in the Boston area I should try?


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