My eats from last week

Since it seems like I don’t have the time to write individual blog posts for each and every meal I eat out or in like other bloggers, I am going to try to do more round ups/lists! It is not great on the wallet or waist line, but I have eaten most meals out these days beside a few meals I scrounged food to make quickly from Whole Foods Market, Going Bananas, and Golden Goose, all in the North End and Beacon Hill areas in Boston. I am trying to change that and did bring lunch to work 4 of the 5 days last week though! Score!

I don’t have any food/drink pictures (beside one – oops!) but I do have plenty of recommendations of what to eat and drink at spots around Boston, based on my visits. People always ask me what my favorite places to go are and ask me “Where should I go?”  Now you will know!

Where I went:

Boston Common Coffee
Recommend: Skinny vanilla latte.

Tokyo Restaurant
Recommend:  Combination dinners cooked on the hibachi grill plus white tuna sushi (so good!) and to drink, cold pear sake (I have lots of pics to share from this meal coming soon).

Recommend: Spinach Florentine breakfast wrap on wheat (available with egg whites or regular eggs).

Recommend: Chicken parmesan and ziti dinner (large portions so good for sharing or putting aside leftovers for another meal); also the steak and cheese always hits the spot.

Flat Black
Recommend: Ginger Peach iced tea.

Rebecca’s café
Recommend: Chicken salad featuring grapes in a wrap (also like the turkey and apple sandwich).

Imperial Pizza
Recommend: Pizza (of course).

Met bar and grill
Recommend: French onion soup. The burger on the other hand was ok but nothing too memorable. Did enjoy the sweet potato fries though!

Recommend: Half off tacos Tuesday’s, half off wings Wednesday, plus macaroni and cheese with bacon (is pretty awesome!)

Question: What restaurants did you go to last week/weekend? Any recommendations for me?


3 thoughts on “My eats from last week

  1. Good job! I went to the South End Buttery for dinner with my BF and our friends. We, the girls, got cosmos, which was very tasty – dangerously so because I couldn’t taste the alcohol. But I was good and only got 2 cosmos. The boys got crab cakes, which they really liked, and the girls got the Beets and Blue salad, which I really liked. I got the braised pork short rib, which was very flavorful and moist. I was worried it would be dry. I HIGHLY recommend the braised pork. My BF got the burger, which was he was a little disappointed about since they didn’t ask him how he liked it cooked, and it came out too well-done. Typically, chefs will make burgers the way they would recommend, which is medium. AND they did not offer him any condiments, no mustard or ketchup. The dessert was the most disappointing part of the meal for us. My green tea was luke warm, and so was my BF’s espresso. And to top it off, the creme brulee was pre-made and refrigerated! My favorite part about creme brulee when you crack the top caramelized layer to get to the delicious custart, but instead, it was soggy. Very disappointing dessert session for a place known for their bakery in the South End.

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