Worthwhile reads from the web this week

Here are my worthwhile reads from the web this week (for this week 8/27):

Wholeliving.com featured a digital article listing 50 Ways to Stand Up to Cancer. Each time it is viewed, they will make a donation to Stand Up To Cancer’s fund-raising program, so make sure to check it out! I especially want to make their Baked Eggs in Whole Roasted Tomatoes recipe.

Lifescript posted 10 healthy Labor Day recipes, which included this refreshing looking Watermelon Gin Fizz.

Since it is a long weekend after all, try to squeeze in some productive activities in between the fun ones. Elements of Style featured a post this week about how to de-clutter the products in the bathroom and even narrowed down a list of her fave can’t live without products.

If you are in need of some direction on the election, check out ElectNext, a free website to help people research which candidates they most relate to and share the same views as.

A perfect addition to the brunch or dessert spread this holiday weekend would be this fruity Raspberry and Cream Cheese Cake posted on Recipe.com.

I just got back from my Connecticut trip, where we had a fire on the beach and made s’mores.  The Pioneer Woman posted a recipe for Chocolate Covered S’mores where you can have the campfire favorites any time of year!

A lot of people are pretty excited for fall, especially for football filled Sunday’s.  How Sweet It Is did quite a roundup of recipes (135!!) that would all be pretty darn tasty to indulge on during the upcoming games.

The bf and I won’t see each other for three whole days. Boo 😦 He is on a camping trip in Maine and I am in Boston for a baby shower and a wedding. I think I just might make this dessert from Smitten Kitten for Vanilla Custard with Roasted Blueberries this week for us to enjoy while we catch up, upon his return!

Have a great rest of the long weekend!



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