City Landing in Boston

City Landing took over where Sel de le terre was and I had to get in there and check it out. Was it good? Sure. Will I rush to get back there anytime soon? Probably not.

We went there on a Monday night so it was understandable that it was quiet and only a few other tables were filled. I like how they offer outdoor seating (although we sat at the bar) and I love how they serve the wine with the extra carafe to top yourself off when the glass starts to get empty. We only sampled the appetizer menu so I can’t comment on the entrees. We got lobster rolls, tuna tartare, and a trio of spreads. This is how it was worded on the menu:

Mini Lobster Rolls – Butter Poached Maine Lobster, Portuguese Bread, Micro Celery 15

Tuna Tartare – Sticky Rice Cake, Soy-Wasabi Glaze, Ginger-Pickled Cucumber* 17

Trio of Spreads – White Bean-Roasted Garlic, Truffle-Herb Goat Cheese, Artichoke Tapenade, Pita 12

The lobster rolls were buttery and delicious and the bread fluffy and fresh. I did really enjoy them but of course wished there was more than just one each. I think they should mention that on the menu because imagine if a group of 3 or 4 ordered it. They would be pretty disappointed with the serving size, compared to the price.

The tuna was flavorful and tasty and the portion size was a bit better then the lobster. I really enjoyed the pickled cucumber and wished it came with a couple more slices. This is always one of my favorite appetizers at restaurants so I was excited they offered it.

The trio of spreads was probably the best of the three dishes for me based on portion size and price. The artichoke tapenade lacked flavor and could have used garlic or oil or something. It seemed to us to be like an artichoke puree more than anything. The garlic dip was similar to a hummus in consistency, which I enjoyed with the pita. The absolute best spread was the truffle goat cheese! Highly recommend it! Creamy, decadent, and very flavorful.

We ordered the three appetizers in place of entrees and honestly because of the small portions and high pricing, I was left with something to be desired. I ended up asking for bread to fill me up (which actually the rosemary rolls were delic)! I could have used a salad or something to complete the meal but that would have been around 10 dollars more (minimum), which I was not willing to shell out. But I love to try new places and was glad to give it a shot. There were options that caught my eye like their burger and a few fish dishes but I don’t think I will head there anytime soon!



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