Happy Hour Vitamins

Happy Hour Vitamins are daily multivitamins with “an added special proprietary blend for the drinking population.” These pills include extra vitamin B & C, antioxidants, milk thistle, and other ingredients that are said to be beneficial to those that drink frequently. There is also goji berry, acai, and green tea in them as well.

I received this in the mail and was very curious to give it a try. I was very intrigued by the product. And I always love a new koozie!

In my shipment, there was a note enclosed from Ben Shaw at the Happy Hour Vitamin Corporation stating that the vitamins are intended to help with short and long term effects of alcohol.  What you do is take 3 of the vitamins daily.

Then on days you are drinking, you take another dose before you go to bed.

I gave it a try and so far so good. My worst hangover symptom is a headache and I have been ok on that front (knock on wood!) It is hard to say it was a cure or anything for a hangover because amongst the times I took it, I tried it on a Thursday. I had to work the next day, so I was of course still tired when I woke up. But all and all, I have felt good after recently taking it as a multi vitamin substitute. The label also suggests drinking lots of water which I do anyways.

Was it a placebo effect? Does it really work? Who knows.  I think it is hard to say because there are so many factors like how much you drink and how much sleep you get, that also affect how you feel daily and after a night of drinking. But since drinking alcohol can have negatives effects on your health, the vitamins will provide just a little bit of peace of mind towards healing your body. They offer a 100% money back guarantee on their website, where you can order them for $28.99 and find out more information about the product for yourself!



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