BostonInno BostonFest ‘12

My co-workers and I attended the BostonInno BostonFest ’12 and spent a few hours outdoors at the Seaport World Trade Center.

There were plenty of games, live music, and a few booths set up from local businesses. We had a quick taste of samples of Samuel Adams beer, played a fast game of trivia, and then played jenga.

Next we had snacks from the food truck The Dining Car.

Two days in a row of visiting Boston food trucks! I ordered the special sandwich of the day which was Mediterranean Chicken. It featured house-made hummus, zaatar (sesame, thyme, and sumac) and parsley salad, on crispy French bread.

I also got the cauliflower they offer for my co-workers and I to share. They take florets and toss them in a flour coating before lightly frying them and drizzling on curry aioli.

Pros of this meal included the bread which was fresh, flaky, and delicious. The hummus also was tasty but I was not a fan of the amount or texture of the chicken. Also the herbs were a bit much for me. The cauliflower was good but would I go out of my way to order it again? No probably not. Would I go back to this food truck? Sure. It wasn’t a bad experience or anything just not the best meal ever. They had a flatbread pizza or a pulled pork sandwich that caught my eye that might have been more up my alley then the chicken sandwich.

The event had live music and a place to list the reasons why life is good in Boston!

We played a quick game of bags before calling it a night.

I especially loved the location of the event. You really can’t beat the views of the city! And hanging outside on a summer night is always a good time.


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