Bon Me Truck

I finally understand why people wait in LONG lines to get the Bon Me Truck at Dewey Square on the Greenway. They’ve been around since 2011 so I am surprised it was my first complete meal with them. And it was $10.50 which isn’t bad in my book.

They pride themselves on serving “Bold Fresh and Fun Vietnamese cuisine.” The menu offers diners the choice between a baguette, noodle salad, or rice bowl with barbecued pork, chicken, or a vegetarian option, along with other fillings.

I went with the baguette with the miso-braised pork special.

They put pickled carrot and daikon, cucumbers, cilantro, red onion, and spicy mayo and pate on it and I devoured it. I loved the crunchy veggies and the fresh taste of the cilantro with the pieces of flavorful, soft pork, on the crusty bread!

I also went for the “Deviled” Tea Eggs, featuring spicy mayo, scallions, and cayenne pepper. At first glance I was scared it might be dry since the egg yolk is left as is and the mayo is on top, but the spice factor added so much depth to the taste. It was really a good quick snack to eat before walking back to work with my Bon Me! You get one whole egg, cut in half with all the fixin’s.

To drink, I tried their Thai Basil Limeade, which was extremely refreshing and pure tasting. So perfect on an 80 degree day like today. The basil is the dominant flavor in the drink and it wasn’t too sweet of a citrusy beverage.

Rest assured I will be back again for more in the near future. Check out their website for more information. Question: What is your favorite food from Bon Me?


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