Rethink Your Pretzel With Pretzel Crisps®

My new friends over at Pretzel Crisps® gave me the chance to have a taste of all seven of the Deli Style Flavors. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it!

I am totally hooked on these snacks. They’re a thin and crunchy pretzel cracker that comes in a wide variety of flavors including: Chipotle Cheddar, Jalapeño Jack, Sesame, Everything, Buffalo Wing, Garlic Parmesan, and Original. Plus they have Modern Classics and seasonal selections like Holiday Indulgents.

If you are not familiar with Pretzel Crisps®, they are a healthier alternative to chips or other snacks. They have around 110 calories in each serving (which includes 10-11 chips) and are made with wheat flour and other natural ingredients. Bring them with dip or a spread to your next BBQ, keep them in the car for a quick snack, or just eat them plain any day of the week. I personally enjoyed noshing on a portion of them alongside sandwiches or for something light before the gym. Here is what I thought about each of the kinds I tried:

The Everything flavor is a totally low fat alternative to the popular bagel.  They use poppy seeds, sesame seeds, caraway seeds, and garlic on them, for a flavorful tasting snack. I dipped them in light cream cheese for a mid morning treat! They are 3 WW Points Plus, which is similar to baked potato chips.

One of my favorites is definitely the Chipotle Cheddar. I love cheese and I adore spicy foods, so this was a no brainer. It reminds me of the cheese on Doritos, with its bright orange powder on it but tastes even better because of its bold taste. They are also just 3 WW Points Plus and are totally worth it since the seasoning and cheese mix is very satisfying. They use chipotle pepper and it has a smoky taste unlike other snacks. These are perfect as is; no need for a dip or spread.

Also at 3 WW PP, the Sesame crisps taste very similar to delicious Italian sesame bread sticks I have had many times. I had Laughing Cow cheese with it but it would be good on its own too. The simplicity of it and the crunch of the crisp make for a great thing to eat. Definitely one of my top picks especially because I like how the ingredients are kept nice and simple. They use just wheat four, sesame seeds, salt, sugar, and malt syrup.


Onto my favorite flavor. Buffalo Wings! I am obsessed with all things buffalo. The minute I popped open the bag and smelled the spicy seasoning, I was hooked. Just like eating real wings, I needed a napkin on hand since the flavor coated my fingers. I may or may not have even licked my fingers to get the rest off! It combines one of my favorite foods and utilizes cayenne pepper and paprika for a taste similar to eating a wing, but with under 2 grams of fat and 3 Weight Watchers Points Plus.


Though I did enjoy these, I was surprised I wasn’t as obsessed with the Jalapeno as I was with the flavors noted above. They have the spice factor I like and also are low in WW Points Plus (also 3). They use garlic, onion, and jalapeno powder to make the snack crisps along with Monterey Jack Cheese. I would love these with a nice mild or creamy cheese to balance out the spice. Or maybe even a mild salsa and sour cream with it.


Original is like a thin version of a classic pretzel. I love pretzels dipped in onion dip or with mustard and these will be good either way or plain. They are natural and made with just wheat flour, sugar, salt, and malt syrup and also only 3 WWPP.


Garlic Parmesan I didn’t feel like had as much of a burst of flavor as some of the other flavors but it did still feature a cheesy garlic taste. They use parmesan cheese and garlic with onion, parsley, and salt for a savory crisp. Also only 3 Weight Watchers Points Plus, it’s a light snack that would be great alone.

So just to recap, my faves include wings, chipotle, and lastly sesame. But they all are pleasant and satisfying. I like that they are sturdy enough to dip like a chip, thick enough to use like a cracker, or just as good alone. Their goal is to make you rethink pretzels with these thin, crunchy pretzel crackers, and they do just that. And I especially like that they are packed with flavor, low in fat, and made with ingredients you can recognize. You will definitely want some to enjoy for yourself or to provide guests at your next get together!

Check out their website for more information about the snack. You can find out where to buy them at locations near you or purchase some online at their site as well. Also, there is still time to enter to win your own Pretzel Crisps®, with this giveaway.


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