Date Night Done Right: Golf Country & Richardson’s

I can’t even believe summer is half way done! The bf and I realized we need to get out of the neighborhood and get in a few fun dates nights, while the weather is warm. He picked me up last night and headed to get a quick bite to eat, play a round of mini-golf, and finish it off with some ice cream.

I wanted something light, so I told him anywhere with grilled chicken will do the trick. He said there is a Fuddrucker’s on the way on Route 1 in Saugus, MA, and a burger would hit the spot for him; so that’s where we went! First off, this place gets major points in my book for having the 100+ soda machine! I made my own creation with light Minute Maid lemonade mixed with strawberry Sprite zero. I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich as planned and we headed to get a seat. How cool is this dining room? There are Fenway bleacher seats along the wall and even an old car made into a booth!

I think the best thing about this place, besides that it is cheap and quick, is the toppings bar. I am all about my condiments and toppings, when it comes to sandwiches. They have an entire row of sauces like salad dressings, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, mustard, cheese sauce, ketchup, etc. Then there is a table with lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, pickles…you name it, they have it!

Next up on the to-do list after eating was mini-golf in Middleton. Sadly I lost against the bf but I sort of expected that! No whole in ones either, but a few two’s in the mix for me! Golf Country in Middleton is definitely a great time and perfect for date night outdoors. They are open from 8 am to 10:30 pm and have batting cages, a driving range, and then two miniature golf courses to play on: the Millpond Course (built in 1990 and remodeled in 2006) and the Stone Bridge Course (built in 2002). Its just 7 bucks per person and there are lots of waterfalls, flowers, bridges, and things to look at during the hour (or less) it takes to make your way through a game. It was mostly teenagers and families but the bf and I entertained ourselves along the course and caught up.

To end the date, it was time for ice cream! Richardson’s Ice Cream offers 50 different flavors. They have a dairy farm and bottling facility onsite, farm animals, and plenty of places to eat and relax. The bf and I ordered and made our way to a bench near the golf course to eat and people watch. I got the kid sized scoop. Can you believe how big kid sized is?? So delicious though. I got the 95% Fat Free Yogurt they offer called Mint Patty. They take mint flavored yogurt and mix in chocolate chips and peppermint patties! The perfect way to end the night with my sweetheart, on a sweet note.

(Rte 114 West – Next to Richardson’s Ice Cream)
PH # (978) 774-4476


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