Jerry’s Remy’s roof deck at Fenway

Last week I headed into Jerry Remy’s at Fenway for a roof deck party! The menu was filled with pub grub and baseball game favorites.  They had hot dogs (so delic!) and sliders (cooked the way I like – med.) with all the fixin’s. There was also small portions of chili cheese fries (yum!), pretzels (not as good as they looked), wings (mango and habanero=so good!), Asian noodles, and mini fruit and cheese kebabs (refreshing).

It was such good weather and it was so relaxing to watch the sunset, check out the view of Fenway Park, and catch up with my co-worker/friend Liz after a long day at work. Plus since there wasn’t a home game, the atmosphere was much more chill and not rushed. The roof deck is definitely one of the best in the area with its retractable awnings and 15 flat screen TV’s!

Event goers sipped Corona’s and koozie’s were provided if you wanted to keep your brew nice and cold. Jerry Remy was there too hanging with friends and family along with members of the media, photographers, and plenty of other guests. The roof deck will be seasonal, open only from spring to fall. And on hot steamy summer days, they even have fans blowing around the deck with a cool mist coming out and AC to keep you comfortable while you dine and drink! If you haven’t already been, it is definitely worth checking out! Find out more info at

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