Q&A with Founder of DateEats

My friend/old co-worker/neighborhood pal in Boston started up a new site for Boston locals and visitors to find the perfect date spots. Whether you are looking for direction on where to go on a first date or are in a relationship looking to spice things up with a new restaurant in your rotation, he has you covered! You will love his witty remarks as he describes his fave spots to wine and dine the ladies on his site DateEats. Get to know the new website with the following Q&A:

ML: What is Date Eats?

DE: DateEats is a sarcastic and serious guide to dining and dating in the city of Boston.  It is a site dedicated to entertaining write ups that include food recommendations, cocktail recommendations, and suggestions from Chefs and GM’s of restaurants.  It gives an overall impression of date spots around the city and categorizes them according to how serious/not serious at all you want to be with you potential love affair.

What inspired you to start the site?

After a long time in the online dating world, I wanted a source to save me the trouble of where to bring a date based on budget, atmosphere, cuisine, and how serious the date would be.  There are online sources on what restaurants to go to, and there are online sources on where to find a date, but there is no middle ground that suggests a place to go and why it is a good date spot.  I want DateEats to be the link between the dining and dating world with positive and entertaining write ups that gives a real life perspective of what restaurants are the best for different kinds of dates.

What is your absolute favorite Boston date spot?

Tough question, it depends on how serious I am about the date and whether or not I want to play it cool or really try to impress because I can’t hold a conversation and need distractions.  For a casual date, you really can’t beat North Street Grille in the North End.  It is quiet and off the beaten path away from the tourist spots and the food is outstanding.  Plus it is the perfect atmosphere if you actually want to get to know your date.  If I am trying to impress, I am going to Tico.  Small plates and a huge assortment of cocktails along with a lively atmosphere make for a perfect date.

Burger at North Street Grille

One piece of advice for dudes on a date, as it pertains to dining out?

Take into account the lady’s tastes.  If she is a vegetarian, don’t bring her to a Brazilian steak house.  If she likes sushi, bring her to a great sushi spot.  You know what you like, but this isn’t about you, it is about learning about her and whether or not you want to spend money on her again, I mean move the relationship to the next step.  Go to a place where you can actually have a conversation and get to know each other.  It can only enhance the date.  Also, pick up the tab, hold the door, chew with your mouth closed, go easy on the drinks and act like a gentleman for crying out loud.  A little class goes a long way.  That wasn’t too many tips right?

Yokohama Sushi in Brookline Village

What is your plan for Date Eats in the future?

BIG PLANS.  We are taking off like a rocket and getting extremely positive feedback from restaurants and readers.  I want it to be THE online source for dating and dining suggestions and expand into different cities around the country.  It is not a food review site, I am not a food critic and don’t pretend to be.  The site is dedicated to why these spots are good date places and the food and drinks you should get when you dine there.  We also get the input of the owners and chefs and who always know the best thing to eat/drink so you are being guided in the right direction.  We want to be a helpful outlet in the dating world from the rookie dater to the seasoned veteran who can’t decide where to take his/her romantic interest.  Follow us at dateeats.com, on Twitter @DateEats, and on our Facebook page at:  http://www.facebook.com/DateEats.  Thanks for reading and spread the word!  Happy dating and even better eating!


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