Shades of Grey Cocktail Recipe

I am sure you may have heard of a little book – Fifty Shades of Grey? If you haven’t, do you live under a rock? No but seriously, it is causing women of all ages to flock to their nearest x-rated shops for toys to amp up their own life in the bedroom.

In honor of the steamy trilogy, mixologist Nathan DeWitt, the founding member of the Tampa, FL chapter of the Bartender’s Guild and an award-winning bar manager at the upscale Mise en Place restaurant in Tampa (amongst his other accomplishments), has concocted a cocktail to commemorate the novel. It’s perfect for book club, girl’s night in, or really any night. Check it out below:

Shades of Grey Cocktail Recipe by Nathan DeWitt

1 1/2 oz Grey Goose Vodka
1/2 oz Marie Brizard Parfait d’Amore Liquor
1/4 oz Heavy Cream
1/4 oz Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
1 Black Licorice Cat o’ Nine Tails

Add ingredients to an iced shaker.  Shake and strain into a martini glass.  The Shades of Grey Cocktail should actually be grey in color when mixed properly. 
Insert Black Licorice Cat o’ Nine Tails into glass and eat it while drinking.  Warning: Black Licorice is known for its aphrodisiac properties. 


3 thoughts on “Shades of Grey Cocktail Recipe

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  3. Wow!!!!

    That book was beyond sultry…I agree with the sex toy run… They can be fun and happy to see girls like also embrace them… You go girl

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