CalNaturale convenient cartons of wine

Summer is all about getting out and being active and social. It is also definitely about sipping cocktails, wine, and beers too. CalNaturale has you covered with wine options, since they offer wine packaged perfectly for those on the go.

Their unique re-sealable paper cartons, called Tetra Paks, are eco-friendly and lightweight and you don’t need to worry about bottle openers or anything!

Each 500 ML container holds 2/3 of a bottle of wine. I had the chance to try the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Chardonnay. I enjoyed them at home with cheese and crackers but I couldn’t get over the endless possibilities of what to do with these convenient bad boys from California Natural Products, who also offer the protein drinks I enjoyed ever so much.

Bring them to a sporting event, pop them in your tote for the beach, bring them along on a picnic at the park, pour them in glasses and toast to a fireworks show or concert…the list could go on and on for places to bring this California wine. Or just have it at home!

Both are made with grapes that are certified Organically Grown. The Chardonnay is from Mendocino, California and the Cab is from French Camp Vineyards. The Cabernet is a 2008 full bodied red wine that is simple, with hints of French Oak and the Chardonnay is from 2009, with a fruity taste that is refreshing in summer time or really all year long. Check out the website for more info and look out for them in liquor stores near you.



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