My urban garden in the city

I am all moved into my new apartment and my bf suggested I utilize my fire escape for my own little urban garden. I was so excited about this idea. I bugged him to take me shopping for supplies the minute he mentioned it and last week we finally went to Home Depot. I am very clueless when it comes to gardening while meanwhile his entire backyard is covered with veggies, fruit, and herbs, so he is just the person to get me started. I was thrilled to see all the colorful options.

I pictured us getting down and dirty and planting seeds and there being a wide variety of options for me but that was not really the case. The bf explained that we needed to focus on what grows well in pots and what won’t get too big so we were a bit more limited. Plus he told me we wouldn’t be using seeds but instead getting plants that were already sprouting. We did a loop around and checked the scene at the store.

Originally we were going to fill a window box but in the end decided on doing a few pots. Check out our cart!

After our shopping trip, we headed to his house that evening to put the plants in pots and add in the potting soil.

Even though it is was pretty dark, check out a peek of his garden. He has so many exciting things going on including the beginnings of some delicious lemons and strawberries.

In the end I got marigold flowers, an already prepared herb garden with thyme, sage, basil, and tons of other stuff all mixed in, a red pepper plant, and tomatoes. I cannot even wait for everything to grow and best of all, to eat and cook up a storm.

I could even add a row of pots but for now I will start with these and see how it goes. Plus, for safety reasons I should probably leave a path? I dunno. Anyways, I will keep you posted on the progress. And I welcome any other ideas on veggies that grow well in pots for me to add to my collection or fire escape gardening tips!



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