Scenes from my Saturday

The bf had a college friends wedding this past weekend and brought me as his date. I took so many pics, I just had to share. I had actually never met the bride and groom before their wedding day but got to know them better and had a blast! They had a church wedding in the South Shore area of Mass.

Then it was off to a Mexican restaurant and bar with a couple of couples, for one drink quick, since we had some time to kill before cocktail hour. Next we went to the reception, which was held at a golf course, and the weather could not have been better.

The snacks at cocktail hour included chicken, empanadas, and bacon wrapped scallops.  They also had a nice spread with Greek and American favorites. I was chowing down on cheese and pita with hummus and the other goodies with the bf. We actually shared this plate of treats and he got martinis and I got vodka sodas, to wash it down.

The theme/decor throughout the wedding was starfish and I loved how they incorporated it throughout the room.

They also had my favorite thing, which is their own monogram, lit up on the dance floor. I totally want that on my big day some day.

Check out this perfect shot I took of the first dance! Ok not perfect considering it is blurry, but what a special moment I captured.

Onto the food and drinks! Lobster ravioli was served, followed by caprese salad with mixed greens. I also had to get a picture of the perfect butter.

The bartender was juggling bottles and he even took a toothpick and put it in his mouth and was tossing olives up and caught them on the tooth pick. Talented guy!

Then filet wrapped in bacon was served with veggies, followed by dancing, a trip to the photo booth, and cake.

The night ended with a fireworks show that was pretty legit. I didn’t have my camera at the time and was pretty bummed. But it was a great ending to a special day. Such a good surprise for the bride and groom, who are happily off on their honeymoon as we speak. Cheers to them and congrats!


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