Casting Call in Boston for “The #7dates Project”

Single Boston locals, listen up! There will be a casting call for a social dating project named The #7dates Project. Basically they are looking for single men and woman in their 20’s for a short filming of their first dates. They will pick one main person to send out on 7 first dates, with 7 different women or men. But these will not be ordinary dates.

They will be luxurious dream dates, costing thousands of dollars. Think skydiving or private roof top dinner. Even though it is being referred to as a casting call, they are not really looking for actors; they want the real deal. They truly want single people, looking for love and excitement, to film for a short, five minute movie.

It is not going to be just about meeting new people and finding the one, it will also be about what it is like to live an upscale lavish lifestyle. The casting call is going to occur in two weeks. For details check out the website and you can also apply at .


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