Deep River Snacks

What I like about Deep River Snacks is that they have something for everyone. There is such a wide variety of snacks to choose from including popcorn, baked fries, potato chips, tortilla chips, and reduced fat and lower calorie snacks as well. I received a sampler pack and it was like Christmas came early at the office. The chips bright colored bags looked like a rainbow and all the flavors sound delicious!

Their motto is that they offer “Great Snacks…Serious Flavor.”  Ain’t that the truth. I still have plenty to try but the Sea Salt & Vinegar is very tasty. As the name suggests, the chips feature non-GMO (genetically modified organism) potatoes cooked in oil, flavored with just the right amount of vinegar and sea salt. They are all natural, kosher, and gluten free kettle cooked potato chips with no trans fat, that are extra thick and crunchy.

The company has a great selection of snacks, so you are bound to find a favorite; they also appeal to the palates of people of all ages. If you like spicy, they have Zesty Jalepeno and Aged Cheddar Horseradish Chips that have such a kick, it wakes up your sinuses like wasabi would. If you want to try something different, the Sweet Maui Onion or Rosemary & Olive Oil might catch your interest. And the stats aren’t bad for a chip either. There are 2 servings in each bag and you get 12 chips per serving. In each portion, the nutritional info is: calories 150, fat 8g, carbs 15 g, fiber 1 g, and protein 2g.

They are extra cool in my book since they are from Connecticut (where I am from!), are 100% committed to sustainability, and are a family-owned business. Plus they support non-profit organizations like the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and Feeding America’s Hungry Children. Find stores selling Deep River Snacks at the website and seek out your new favorite snack.



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