Slim down with CalNaturale Svelte

I recently had the chance to sample CalNaturale Svelte and I am definitely a fan. Its a product line from California Natural Products, a 30-year old leading natural foods company. First off, I love the sayings on the cartons. Who doesn’t want to see positive messages like “hello beautiful” and “looking good” staring at them in the morning? The flavors available are chocolate, French vanilla, cappuccino, and spiced chai.

California Natural Products is a northern California family business that has created these 16 ounce organic soy protein drinks that are nutritious and delicious. They are all creamy and flavorful and I felt like I was drinking a smooth milkshake, without the guilt and minus the dairy! Since they are so filling, I poured it in a glass and then sipped it with a straw for breakfast.

What makes them unique and gives you energy, is the added complex carbohydrates like rice syrup solids and inulin, which are said to metabolize over a longer period than simple sugars. They are also dairy, lactose, gluten, and cholesterol free. Each flavor is under 300 calories, has around 10 grams of fat, and features carbs, fiber, and plenty of protein. Weight Watchers might find them higher in points, at 7 Points Plus, but you can always just have half, since the drink comes in a quality carton, with a cap to screw back on.

I always check out the ingredients in products that I have never had and was pleased to see minerals and vitamins like D2, B12, E, B2, and zinc. They use natural flavors like stevia to sweeten the drinks too and mix the soy milk with ingredients like organic vanilla extract in the French vanilla, cocoa in the chocolate, coffee in the cappuccino, and in the spiced chai, there is black tea and South Asian spices in it.

They can be found at supermarkets and natural foods stores like Shaw’s and Wholefood’s or even online for $7.18 for 2 or $20.46 for a 6 pack. Its definitely good for a day you have a long work out planned or just a regular day you need energy for your jam packed work schedule or weekend.



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