Q&A with me – from FriendsEAT today: Favorite Blogger of the Week: Michelle Levine

 Michelle Levine Favorite Blogger of the Week: Michelle Levine

This week’s FriendsEAT’s Favorite is Michelle Levine, the awesome food blogger behind Eat and Sip in the City.

FriendsEAT: Tell us a bit about what you do.

Michelle Levine: Food Blogger + Writer, Freelance Content & Copy Writer.

FE: What’s the best meal you’ve had recently and where did you have it?

ML: I am definitely a regular at an Italian restaurant in the North End section of Boston called Beneventos. They have a large mussels appetizer in a flavorful, garlic filled tomato based sauce, thin crust pizzas, and sangria, which is my kind of meal.

FE: What’s the most exotic food you’ve ever tried?

ML: It may not be exotic to others, but I just tried squid ink pasta at a local restaurant.

FE: Do you have a favorite celebrity chef or TV show featuring food?

ML: I am a huge Food Network fan and love Giada’s cooking shows, Robert Irvine’s shows about helping failing restaurants, and I think the Neely’s are too cute to be true!

FE: Where do you live?

ML: Boston, MA.

FE: Share with us an insider tip for your city!

ML: In the North End, you can create dishes at home that are just as good as in the restaurants for half the price. There is a homemade pasta store, numerous butchers, a fish market, a few vegetable and fruit markets, and specialty stores with cheeses, bread, homemade marinara sauce, prepared meatballs, and much more, so you don’t have to feel like you have to always eat out, spend a lot of cash, or do a ton of cooking, to have a tasty Italian meal.

FE: What’s your favorite thing about FriendsEAT?

ML: That there is a sense of community to interact with fellow foodies, yet it also offers coupons and restaurant information for dining out, cooking tips, and recipes for when you stay in, along with food news and other articles on the blog.

FE: Anything else you’d like the FriendsEAT community to know about you? Asparagus and Goat Cheese Tartlets Favorite Blogger of the Week: Michelle Levine

ML: I write a column as Boston Food Examiner, on Examiner.com. You can find my articles about Boston’s best restaurants on the CBS local Boston website. And I recently interviewed Grayson from this past season of Bravo TV’s Top Chef as well as Ty-lor, for a NYC restaurant website called Eatery Expert.

FE: How can we get in touch with you?

Blog: Eat and Sip in the City

Examiner: http://www.examiner.com/food-in-boston/michelle-levine

Twitter: @michelletwEATS

Google: https://plus.google.com/108738745101576505557#108738745101576505557/posts

Pinterest: Michelle Levine

Source: http://friendseat.com/



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