How to throw your own Accessory Swap Party

After my selling spree on Craigslist that I told you about, where I sold so much stuff from artwork to furniture, it got me thinking. People were genuinely excited and happy about my old stuff, which I didn’t even want to look at anymore. Yes I did make money but nowadays, clothes swap parties and even food swaps are all the rage too, where you can get rid of your own things for something gently used in return, that’s new to you.

Years ago my sister had an accessory party which I thought I would share details about here. She basically figured that it would be like shopping in a friend’s jewelry box or through their purse collections. Since accessories and bags are one size fits all, it is a good way to get rid of your stuff and in return, add some jazz to your own collection.

Plus it is a perfect excuse to have some cocktails, catch up with friends, family, or co-workers, and enjoy some snacks, for a girls night in. Especially in the past few years, with the changes in the economy, it is a way to be economical and skip out on big shopping sprees too. I know firsthand, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure! Here are the 10 easy steps to host your own Accessory Exchange Party:

1. Send out an evite or email setting the date and time for your accessory party.

2. Tell each guest to bring along at least three items. Options include scarves, earrings, gloves or mittens, hats, tote bags, handbags, clutches, bracelets, necklaces, belts, anklets, key chains, and coin purses.

3. Next it is up to you to get planning. There are many ways to personalize the party and get organized. Then on the day of the party, when guests arrive with their accessories, have a designated table or even whole room devoted to your accessory swap boutique. Name your store and even make a sign announcing it.

4. Upon arrival, you will give each guest a number. This will let the guest know when it is their turn to “shop.”  You could even put the number on the back of fake personalized “swap” credit cards, print them out, and laminate them to really personalize your party.

5. You will then have everyone put their numbers in a bowl for you to randomly pick out all the numbers and determine the order of when the girls can go pick out their items from the boutique. They can take as many things as they have brought, so if they came with three items, they can leave with three “new” items.

6. Create signature cocktails in pitchers ahead of time, with names of major fashion brands incorporated. Examples would be a Coach Cosmopolitan, Burberry Bellini, or create a Strawberry Stiletto Martini as my sis did.

7. If you want to go all out, you can create snacks that match the theme. Look online for purse shaped pasta, shoe shaped cookie cutters to make sugar cookies, cupcake toppers, and other cute ways to incorporate it.

8. Keep the theme going with girley napkins and paper plates too, with jewelry, purses, or shoe patterns on them.

9. Give each girl a gift bag to bring home their new accessories. My sister had even found purse shaped gift bags, and put shoe shaped name tags of each guest on them.

10. Have fun! I can guarantee you the girls will really enjoy this party and leave feeling like they got their shopaholic fix without spending a dime!



4 thoughts on “How to throw your own Accessory Swap Party

  1. I cannot wait to host one of these parties this summer. I have so many ideas of how to do this. You could do this swap with scarves, purses, jewelry, designer perfume, sunglasses, belts, belt buckles, hats, clutches, brooches. There are so many fun things you can do with this concept.

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