Worthwhile reads from the web this week

It’s official. I moved this week (wk of the 14th)! It feels like I have been dealing with roommates, realtors, landlords, Craigslist people, movers, and doing everything except fun things these days. But we are at the home stretch people. Phew!

I am not done moving all my stuff nor have I put a dent in the boxes and bags at my new place. But the wheels are in motion at least. Usually I share pictures of all the delicious food I consumed over the weekend in my Scenes from my Saturday blog posts. But from this weekend check out my exciting photo!

Not really exciting is it? I thought so. That is not even a quarter of what was moved bear in mind.  What I did find entertaining was that since I have sold almost everything except my bedroom furniture and since I am moving so darn close, I hired two movers to just walk my stuff over yesterday. They had to go down a few flight of stairs to get out of the building and then go down the street and around the corner.

Then they were real troopers and had to head up a small hill to get to the new place.

Then up a few flights of stairs!

Anyways hopefully this week I will get a couple of last batches of stuff and force myself to unpack more and be back to my normal life of shopping, eating, drinking, taking pictures, and walking around. Oh and working out. I have been slacking on that but doesn’t walking up and down stairs and lifting boxes count as exercise? I think so!

For this weeks Worthwhile reads from the web this week, I was lusting over new recipes to try in my new kitchen. Check ‘em out below:

T.G.I.F with a Moscow Mule
Sparkling Strawberry-Mint Limeade
Recipe: Piquant Chicken with Lemon and Capers
Zucchini “Pasta”
Korean-Style Short Ribs
Cookie Dough Filled Cookie Cups
Mixed Berry Cobbler

I also found this round-up of 22 Burger Recipes For National Burger Month interesting.

And I loved reading about The Best Beers of 2012 (So Far).

New restaurant alert! Back Bay Boston Burger Company is open for biz.



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