Q&A and tips for getting fit from trainer Jay Priestley

As you know, I have weekly visits with a personal trainer to keep me on track with my weight training. I definitely think that that is one of the many reasons I was able to lose ten pounds. With Memorial Day, the unofficial kick-off to summer, right around the corner, I figured; why not follow up my personal 10 tips for losing 10 pounds by asking a professional.

I have been going to train with Jay Priestley, Manager of the North End / Waterfront branch of the Beacon Hill Athletic Club, for awhile now. I even accumulated a nickname at the gym for my speedy bear crawl, which is Baby Bear. During my sessions, when I am slacking, you might hear him yelling for “BB” to do lower squats or speed up my repetitions.

Anyways, Jay Priestley, C.P.T., has a Bachelor’s in Exercise Sports Science and has over 11 years in the field. Should you have additional questions or if you are in need of a new trainer, you can find him at the gym 6 am to 2 pm Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays and 12 pm to 8 pm Mondays and Wednesdays.  He has shared some ways to get fit and see results for weight loss with the following Q&A:

What is the most effective machine for cardio – elliptical, treadmill, stair stepper, etc.?

The stepmill I feel is hands down the most effective piece of cardio out there.  Basically what a stepmill is is a constantly moving set of stairs that you walk up.  It simulates the exercise experience of climbing stairs without the impact on the knees and back.   If you push yourself, this machine will kick your butt like none other…period!!

What are the top three strength training moves for fast results?

I am a huge fan of full body exercises. The more muscle groups you recruit to do an exercise the higher your heart rate gets.  In return not only are you building muscle, but also burning a ton of fat.

  •       Squat presses  This is a combo exercise of a squat with a shoulder press done simultaneously
  •       Any type of Kettlebell workout.  Kettlebells really amp up your heart rate
  •       Pull – ups

What does an ideal post work out meal consist of?

Lean protein and carbs.  Anything with chicken, fish, turkey and carbs: preferably white carbs (potatoes, rice, pasta). A meal that is low fat and features plenty of veggies. Examples of this would be a Mexican type bowl with beans, rice, spices, and featuring ground turkey or chicken, a Nicoise salad with tuna, eggs, and red potatoes, or a flank steak fajita wrap. The key is to make sure the protein and carbs you choose are lower in fat.

Of all the drinks being marketed to those working out (coconut water, protein shakes, Gatorade, 4 hour energy, etc) which would you recommend to those trying to get fit and stay hydrated?

To stay hydrated, nothing beats good old H2O.  As for a post workout drink, I would recommend any protein shake that is low in fat.  A few brands I like are: Pure Protein and RTD 51. Both of theses shakes are low fat and low carbs and taste alright.

Any advice on best ways to speed up your metabolism?

I would have to say the number one way to speed up ones metabolism is to build more muscle.  One pound of muscles will burn six calories while a pound of fat will only burn two calories.  The more muscle you have the less likely the foods you eat will get stored as fat.  Your muscle will consume those calories rather than them getting stored as fat.  Another way to speed up your metabolism is to amp up your workouts.  Your body continues to burn fat long after you are done working out. So the harder the workout the longer your body will continue to burn calories.  Last but not least, drink water!  Even mild dehydration will slow your metabolism down to a crawl.




5 thoughts on “Q&A and tips for getting fit from trainer Jay Priestley

  1. Jay is the best – Once a week for only a half hour kicks your butt more than any other workout could. I think that’s all really good info to share, too, Miche. Good job Baby Bear!

  2. I can agree to Baby Bear here that Jay is an awesome personal trainer. He kicks my butt and I’m drenched in sweat after 5 minutes into the training session. And those kettlebells are KILLERS!!!

    • We should take Jay’s advice and do more stairs Sar ! We like to be outside so no step mill but there are plenty of stair cases in the area we should hit up soon for extra calorie burning:)

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