Vitalicious VitaTops

You know how much I loved the Guilt free 100 calorie VitaBrownies. Now my newest low fat fave snacks are VitaTops.  I received the Super Sampler Pack, which includes the brownies plus a wide variety of muffin tops. From apple to chocolate options, let me tell you, each one is better the next!

You keep them in your freezer, which is perfect since no one likes wasting food or for food to go bad and be thrown away. I especially like warming them up in the toaster or microwave, since it feels like they are fresh from the oven. You can eat them any time of day too. But what also makes them stand out is that just like the brownies, they too are made of natural ingredients, super filling, and are only 100 calories, with protein, nutrients, and vitamins.

The Chocolate Mint VitaTops contain whole wheat flour with egg whites, sugar, cocoa butter, and cocoa powder plus they use dried honey, grape juice, and other natural flavors to sweeten it up. It is so satisfying to have an afternoon snack or dessert you don’t have to feel guilty about. It has Vitamins A through E, Zinc, Iron and other nutrients in it just like the other varieties.

They use peppermint oil to give it the refreshing, minty taste it offers in this moist fudgy muffin. You feel like you are indulging on a decadent dessert when in actuality, you are enjoying a healthy low cal treat! There are less then 2 grams of fat, 9 grams of fiber, and 4 grams of protein, in this 100 calorie snack and it weighs in at only 3 Weight Watchers Points Plus.

Another favorite of mine was the Apple Crumb VitaTops, featuring whole grains. They are natural and delicious and use real bits of apples, applesauce and apple flake powder in their recipe. They too have 100 calories but they only have 1 gram of fat and boast 8 grams of fiber, with 3 WW Points Plus as well. And just like their other varieties, 15 vitamins and minerals. These would be perfect with a small scoop of light vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt for a lighter version of pie a la mode!

On to the Fudgy Peanut Butter Cup Vita Tops,  which also has lots of vitamins and minerals. There are 100 calories, less than 2 grams of fat, and 8 grams of fiber, with 3 WW PP. The ingredients include wheat flour, organic sugar, egg whites, cocoa powder, with peanut butter and then peanut butter chips on top. Though the peanut butter feign in me wished it was swirled with peanuts on the inside or that the peanut butter was more prominent within the chocolate part of the muffin, I think the top layer of peanut butter chips, that got all melty and perfect, did the trick. It is fluffy and moist and more like a cake then a muffin so I ate it nice and slow with a fork, to enjoy every bite! It also said on the package it is “Hungry Girl approved” and I agree.

I still have plenty more kinds to sample and enjoy. Let me know your favorites to try next! Find out more information at the Vitalicious website.



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