Celebrate Mom with My Easy Spinach, Tomato, and Pepper Goat Cheese Omelet Recipe

Happy Mother’s Day! There is no better way to celebrate then to cook brunch for your mother, grandmother, wife, or whatever special women you have in your life. Today or any day really, this easy omelet only takes around ten minutes!

I used Chevre Fresh Goat Cheese with Four Peppers, baby spinach, and a plum tomato. I cut calories by using Smart Balance butter spread and used one egg and one egg white to create a satisfying and healthy omelet that Weight Watchers only have to use 5 Points Plus for (2 for eggs, 2 for cheese, 1 for butter spread). Serve it alongside wheat toast, fruit salad, hash browns, or mixed greens to complete the meal, with a Bloody Mary or mimosa, of course, to really make it special.

Easy Spinach, Tomato, and Pepper Goat Cheese Omelet

1 serving


1 Egg

1 Egg white

1 oz.  Pepper Goat cheese, diced into chunks

1/3 cup baby Spinach,  chopped

½ plum Tomato diced

1 tsp. Smart balance butter spread

Salt to taste


Melt butter spread into small non-stick skillet on stove top at medium high heat and swirl around to coat entire pan.

In the meantime, measure/weigh goat cheese and prepare veggies as noted above.

Crack one egg into a bowl followed by one egg white and whisk together.

Pour in egg mixture to hot pan and let sit for at least one minute until you see the edges cooking through before flipping it over with a spatula and letting that side cook through for a minute.

Next put the veggies on top of the cooked sheet of eggs and sprinkle on cheese chunks and a pinch of salt.

Flip one side of the egg (tuck in the veggies) to meet the other side (to create a half circle) and let sit an additional minute before carefully flipping it again for a minute before moving it over to a plate to serve.

Cut it up into strips for easy eating and enjoy!



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