Worthwhile reads from the web this week

This week was full of casual encounters from Craigslist. No, not THOSE kind of encounters you dirty bird. I am talking about meeting up with people from CL for operation sell my stuff, silly. Let’s start by discussing Sunday when I sold my microwave to a random. It was a weird interaction, let me tell ya. He basically asked if I could bring it downstairs to his car and I agreed. Better to meet up in public right, then be in my small apartment together? Anyways he said “So it works right?” And I replied “Yup, used it this morning and even gave it a good wipe down right before bringing it down for you.” His response. “Ok, well if it doesn’t, I know where you live. I’ll…(long pause). Knock your door down or something.” Um. Yikes is all I can say about that one.

Next up was a lovely woman who happened to live in my neighborhood and needed a vaccum. She seemed older so I offered to bring it over. She was so sweet and we ended up chatting it up for quite a bit outside her place. She even called me again to ask me the name of my food blog! She is the kind of person I won’t mind running into in the hood this summer. The microwave guy? Not so much.

Next up was another guy who came to check out my old Phillips tube TV. It is in great condition, is ten years old, and is the kind of TV with a lot of junk in the trunk. It is flat-screen though at least. Him and his friend headed over after work.  What an amazing and thankful person he was. The bf and I let them into the apartment to check it out. “Oh my goodness. It is so much bigger then we realized. This is amazing. It is like a miracle. Thank you so much!” he said. He gave me 25 bucks and was on his way but it made me feel so good to have a response like that considering I was ready for an upgrade of my own and found that TV to be too big and outdated.

Next up was the most adorable woman and her young daughter who bought a few paintings today. She wrote me a very genuine email saying she had seen the ad and couldn’t stop thinking about the art work. Another happy customer from Michelle’s moving sale! Which was followed up by a family who came over right after. Thank goodness the bf was over to help carry the couch down the stairs with the dad. The father then opted to walk across the neighborhood with the couch on his head to their own house, followed by his wife and two young kids scurrying behind. Let’s hope they made it home OK!

It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns though. I got a bit stressed this week when two different guys stood me up for the couch. They never showed up or responded after making concrete plans, which in the scheme of things isn’t terrible for how many things I sold. The total is 14 items sold to 10 people, some of who were my co-workers. Total money made? 437 dollars! Not too shabby for items I have owned for anywhere from 4 to 10 years, while living in Boston.

Beside moving mania, I had my usual personal training session, visits with the bf, and a big work event, which I will tell you about later (I took some awesome pictures). But for now, check out my worthwhile reads from the web this week (5/7/12). With it being Mother’s Day weekend and all, everyone online had moms on their minds.

About.com featured a list of Things to Do on Mother’s Day in Boston.

If you are still scrounging for Mother’s Day brunch recipes, Closet Cooking featured a Wild Leek and Double Smoked Bacon Tart that looks amaze-balls.

For dessert, Creme De Menthe Brownies  from Baking Me Hungry seem easy and tasty.

On a more serious note, The Daily Beast’s feature on Why the Campaign to Stop America’s Obesity Crisis Keeps Failing really got me thinking.

I am a big Bethenny Frankel fan (even if her PR reps did turn me down for samples or an interview) but I was still excited to see Self had done an interview with her on Being Honest, Indulging and Not Taking No for an Answer. The article even has a stuffed chicken recipe snuck in there.

The Health websites list of 14 Slimming Pizza and Pasta Recipes has some great dinner ideas.

Simply Scratch posted a round up of easy recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less. Sounds good to me!

How cool is this? Check out Tavern on the Water, Now with Sand, from the Urban Daddy website, to learn about how the Charlestown seafood spot is transforming into a beach bar in the city, as of today.

New restaurant/bar in Boston alert! Rosa Mexicano is now open in Seaport.

And last but not least, if you know any brides-to-be, I have a Priscilla of Boston never-been-worn wedding gown for sale.



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